Brittany Stowbridge

Director of BMP

I ~ I have a unique gift of uncovering the brilliance inside the heart and minds of our most precious gifts.
I’m passionate about educating young minds, inspiring young hearts, and empowering their inherent brilliance.
I believe that all children are a treasure, and it’s my job as an educator to search for it and proclaim its brilliance.
There’s nothing more amazing than empowering children through education and helping a child master their brilliance.
I believe every child deserves an educated mind, an encouraged heart, and a life full of wonder!


Our vision is to establish a safe, developmentally, inclusive environment for toddlers, and preschool-age children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early learning experience in which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is not just to ensure the academic readiness of our students, but to cultivate them to be lifelong learners. 

Mission statement:

To provide a high quality and affordable preschool education to children of Carroll County. 

To provide a superior level of instruction and care for all students. 

To provide a fundamental academic education by utilizing a faith-based curriculum. 

To prepare young minds to become critical thinkers

Brilliant Minds Preschool is proud to offer a weekday preschool program to serve the students in the West Georgia area. Classes are available for the ages of 2-4. Our program uses the Abeka curriculum to prepare our students both academically and spiritually.


Brilliant Minds Academy utilizes The Abeka Curriculum, which is faith-based program known for its intensive phonics approach with the focus on learning to read and then on reading to learn. At this young age, your child is learning at a rapid rate, and as they grow and develop, the teacher adapts the curriculum, as well as the environment to meet both your child’s needs as well as their interests. Each classroom has a lesson plan created weekly, with activities individualized to the specific needs of each child in the classroom. Each activity on the lesson plan is purposeful and intentionally planned based on the teachers’ observations of each child in the classroom.