• For children who are 2 years old by September 1st.
  • One teacher to no more than seven children.
  • May attend 3 or 5 days per week, either Mon/Wed/Fri, or Mon-Fri.

 In our two year old classes, we recognize that children at this age have moved on to a more advanced stage of development. They have learned how to walk well, are more physically enabled, and are beginning to communicate using single words. They have also started to “parallel play” with other children and have entered the exploring stages of childhood. Toddlers are constantly discovering and are eager to learn new things. When you enter the two year old classroom, you will find an active, fun filled environment where curiosity is evident.

In the Twos classes, children enjoy a flexible schedule of classroom activities, including art, music, sensory play, discovery play, story-time, and creative movement. New ideas and concepts are being presented in a fun and playful way where they become engaged while learning at the same time. Weather permitting, all classes enjoy outside play on the playground and outdoor lunch and snacks several times a month.  

Developmental Milestones

  • Physical Development
    • Coordinate large gross motor skills to learn how to use ride-on toys, bounce balls, dance, leap, etc.
    • Increase balancing skills
    • Build on fine motor skills by writing, drawing, cutting, etc.
    • Begin to develop and practice self-help skills such as hand washing, self feeding, and dressing him/herself
  • Cognitive Development
    • New vocabulary daily
    • Begin to identify basic colors, shapes, numbers, and some letters
    • Continue to use senses to learn about the environment
    • Begin to utilize problem solving techniques and make predictions
  • Social/Emotional Development
    • Begin to play alongside or “parallel play” with other students rather than alone
    • Imitate actions of others
    • Begin to learn to share and cooperate with others
    • Express creativity and individuality through music and dance
    • Developing interest in dramatic play

Twos Class Daily Schedule

Arrival – Table Activity & Free Play

Morning Welcome
Story and Music Time

9:50 -10:15
Enrichment Activity
Art, music, science, or sensory play

Snack & Bathroom Break

Transition to Playground


Transition to Classroom
Wash Hands/ Prepare for Lunch

Lunch & Bathroom Break

Clean up
Group Time – Stories and Songs

After-school Activities

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